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Crisis over
Apr 9, 10 4:32 PM
Hack attempts!
Apr 9, 10 2:17 AM
Apr 8, 10 4:23 PM
Steps to the top
Apr 8, 10 4:21 PM
Welcome to your new website!

Welcome to Dark Execution we are raiders and PvP'ers on our way to being one of the next big guilds.
all memebers who havent registered please do so. felstalker and amedar escpecially let me give you a bit of a rundown on some of the people in our guild newly joined!
@2'nd Gm+raid master:Felstalker/MisticalTom
Demo lock: Arnetheron
Main healer:Morrighana
 hi members of Dark execution our raid roles roster  has been changed to the information tab     

Notes and Messages:Grats to karnia on his new dps and Grats to everyone who got some new gear
btw the roster isnt complete as i need everyone to sign up and im too lazy to put more on it also im gona put a letter either t d or h in parentheses to indicate what this person is raid wise
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Crisis over

arnetheron, Apr 9, 10 4:32 PM.
alright so the hack scare is over i got my acc back and blizz restored all my itmes and money restored see you al when you log on

Hack attempts!

Amedar, Apr 9, 10 2:17 AM.
So i have gotten the stuff back but i am lead to believe that Arne's account has been hacked and recently tried to sell guild and his personal things. Primordial Saronite, Dreadstone x2 Cardinal Rubys x3, and more. I'd recomend changing your info Arne.. IF I have the wrong person sorry. Just thats who and what was taken from the guild, except the primordial saronite. i think he/she may have used your frost for that.. hope you get them back.. best of luck.

It happened right when we were trying to form ICC, and i know that you (Arne) were wanting to go really bad. But you or whoever ignored everyone and spammed trade trying to sell them.


arnetheron, Apr 8, 10 4:23 PM.
be sure to do your best in ICC today guys!

Steps to the top

arnetheron, Apr 8, 10 4:21 PM.
alrught everyone we've been doing good keep on leveling,Gearing,abd Recruiting guys eventually and lest hope that sometime soon we get a Vent Lets start making our Name in the server ,good luck to all and i soulfired Kel'thuzads cat :p
and recruit healers and dps escpecially remember that we are rockin!!
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